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Katsina City News has deepened investigation to find out the masterminds of the attack on the president’s advance convoy last Tuesdays.


The investigation has revealed that five gangs gathered to carry out the attack and they came out with the intention of stealing animals in the Safana and Dutsinma axis as confirmed by multiple sources.


A source revealed that Dankarami, that notorious bandit gang leader based in Zamfara brought many fighters on the invitation of Sani Muhiddinge, a young man of around 28 years who hails from Safana area as well as Abu Radde from Batsari area as well as Sani Gurgu and Alhaji Abdul Karim.


All of them except Dankarami have once repented from banditry and the Katsina State government had interacted closely with them. They even mediated between the state government and other bandits to convince them to accept the state government’s amnesty program.


Some of them had at one point left the forest and relocated to the city, but later reviewed their repentance and went back to the forest.


Our investigation has discovered that these four gangs of armed bandits operating in Katsina state which are run by former repented bandits, invited Dankarami from Zamfara State.

Dankarami is said to be in an agreement with zamfara state government,no to lunch any attack within zamfara state again.


Our sources have confirmed that five gangs came on a mission to steal a large herd of cattle in Dutsinma, they invited Dankarami in order to form strong force against any possible threat to their mission, the threat could be from security agencies or from rival gangs.


Investigations reveal that it was Dankarami that led the attackers because he came with so many bandits and Big arms for the operation.


They came well prepared, as is the tradition with Dankarami whenever he leads an operation. That is why he is being praised as ‘gwaska’, which means ‘the notorious one’.


Our investigation revealed that the attack on the President’s advance convoy was not deliberate, rather after the bandits had concluded the operation and were moving with the rustled animals into the forest, they heard sirens and they thought they were being tracked by security agencies, therefore they laid ambush by the road side.


When the convoy approached the bandits opened fire on the vehicles.The convoy retreat to Turare village and waited,until when the bandits passed.

A source confirmed to this newspaper that,It was later that the bandits heard over the radio that the convoy they attacked was an advanced convoy of the President, this was confirmed by our sources.


A source said the bandits in their large numbers followed through many villages across Safana, Dutsinma and Batsari jibia as well as parts of Danmusa as they went back to their hideout.


The villages were Habul, Tawanka, Kunkunna, Yar-tandu, Koramar Saya saya, Garhi and Turare among others.


Residents of these villages saw them passing by in large numbers as they set out for the operation and they saw them while they returned later at night with stolen animals after the operation.


Dankarami took the lion’s share of the animals because he contributed more to the operation in terms of fighters, weapons, and efforts in planning the operation.


The other gangs accepted Dankarami’s decision in sharing the seized animals considering his dominance


Our findings reveal that overall, the bandits killed more than ten people and injured many that include those who attempted to resist their attack those who attempted to stand in their way, but all those that showed no sign of resistance were spared.


Investigations by our news media reveal that the name of the bandit that killed the Dutsinma Area Commander is Usman Modi Modi. He operates around Kurfi and Dustsinma area. He lives in the forests of Ummadau and Tsaskiya. He has many bandits under him. he was not part of the group that attacked the president’s convoy.


Our findings reveal that after Dankarami operation. Usman Modi Modi ordered his boys to go on another operation in preparation for Sallah, the gang was led by his trusted most prominent commander, Alhaji Aibo. However, security agencies and vigilantes had foiled that operation.




Katsina City News which is the publisher of Taskar Labarai and The Links News is a foremost news medium in terms of investigative reports particularly in Katsina State and the North-west zone of Nigeria. In 2014 we published an investigative report on how gunmen operating in Rugu Forest were recruiting fighters and acquiring weapons and could have the capacity to overpower the military in the coming years. Also, this medium was the first to disclose the identity of the bandit gang leader that masterminded the Kankara School abduction in 2019.

We have published several investigative reports particularly on the security situation in Katsina and neighboring states and our findings were later confirmed by national and international news media.

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